Monday, June 2, 2008

Majarete - Corn Pudding

We all love Mexican food! Well let me re-phrase that...we all enjoy American-Mexican food.

I don't remember having eaten much Mexican food, until I married almost 13 yrs ago.

When the perfect food - hamburger and french fries - is already around, why would I try something else?

I found this box of majarete (corn pudding) in the Mexican food aisle at the world food store. A cooked pudding, sprinkled with cinnamon, sounded and looked very least that's what I was hoping. The pudding cost about $1.00.

The pudding was super easy to make - just add milk and cook until thickened. Dd took on this task cheerfully. I became a bit apprehensive when she said "this smells funny...I hope this is a sweet pudding."

Well being that the first ingredient was SUGAR, I'd say so. The rest of the ingredients are: cornstarch, cornmeal, salt, calcium carragheen, artificial flavor, artificial color.

The pudding took less than 10 minutes to make...I put a small portion in each bowl (thinking no one would be too crazy about it) and sprinkled them with cinnamon.

I tasted it, and didn't like it. It wasn't that it tasted nasty - just not what I was hoping it would taste like :) It tasted like cream-style canned corn put through a blender and made smooth-ish, with a generous helping of sugar added.

Ds didn't like it, "horrible - terrible - too much corn...actually it tasted like corn mashed up."

Dd said, "Yummy!!! Corny. It wasn't very sweet." She had two helpings.

If you'd like to try making your own majarete from scratch - here is a link to a recipe.


Anonymous said...

I might give that a try...I love corn...would it taste better with whipped cream or ice cream...hmmm

Jennifer said...

Hmmm... not sure about this either. But I do like to make corn grits (well, that's what we call corn meal cooked down into a porridge-type dish) and add sugar and milk.

I have to know though, where in the WORLD do you find caffeine-free Dr. Pepper. I think, maybe, having that would make my life complete! I love DP and miss it so much!

Anonymous said...

majarete is not mexican. its puerto rican, cuban and Dominican.

and for it to taste good it has to be made from scratch.

Jen said...

As it has already been said by anonymous #2 Majarete is NOT mexican.

I think the reason the majarete did not turn out tasty for you might have been because you did not refrigerate. It tastes better when it's solid and refrigerated (taste similar to a flan type of texture).

Madeline Gutierrez said...

Yep -

Basically having something like this out of a box is like comparing the hamburger in McDonald's Happy Meal to a hamburger made by your favorite outdoor bar-b-que person...

You always should eat this very chilled and it should have a consistency of Creme Brulee - only with a nice dusting of ground cinnamon on top.

I'm searching for the best recipe that doesn't require fresh ears of corn. My mom often used canned corn and it worked well.

While I have had it made only with some kind cornmeal (I think) harina? and no actual "corny corn" and that was excellent.

Anyone have a Cuban version circa 1955 let me know. @MadelineHere