Wednesday, June 4, 2008

eBay Rant

I know this is an old topic - I'm sure it was blogged about a lot when the change first came into effect. eBay does not allow the sale of
  • Solutions manuals for teachers, teacher(s) manuals, instructor manuals are prohibited

  • A hardcopy of a teacher’s edition of a math book

Since I had not tried selling any curriculum for a long time - I had forgotten about this new rule. And actually I thought it was only the answer keys for tests that were no longer permitted.

So anywhoo - I recently listed a teachers edition of a math book and it was pulled. The frustrating thing is that I found NUMEROUS teacher's editions listed...only thing is they were not called teacher's edition.

I mean were there that many kids buying teacher's answer keys on eBay? Thing is - if the kids really want the answer keys they can just go and buy them from the supplier!!! You want a Saxon Math answer key - go to Saxon's website. Sure it will cost more - but the guy who wants it can get all his buddies to pay a portion and it'll end up practically free. Saxon doesn't check to make sure you are a teacher buying the guide.

And really - why does eBay allow a lot of other questionable materials - like say restricted movies and things of that realm? They have no proof a child isn't going to buy the stuff. I just did a search and eBay sells bottles of wine. How do they know a child isn't going to buy that wine?


Anonymous said...

I agree totally with you . eBay should take care in ALL that they sell. It doesn't make sense to me .