Thursday, May 8, 2008

Yoki Cheese Bread Mix - Brazil

We all enjoy fresh homemade bread - so we thought some fresh homemade from a mix bread might taste pretty good. Especially when the word cheese is included in the name.

This mix is from Brazil and cost about $2. All that needed to be added to the mix was 1/2 c of water and 2 eggs.

I let my budding baker bake the bread herself. The main ingredient is manioc starch.

Fresh out of the oven the baker declared "I love it so much - not too cheesy". Well after they cooled and she had her 3rd one - she decided she didn't really like them.

The boy said "I hate it". Amazing how he can decide that without even tasting it.

I really enjoyed them fresh from the oven - but my girl was right, after they cooled down they lost some of the great taste. The cheese flavor was pretty mild and that added to the dislike of it...and there was just a sour or "off" taste to it.


Anonymous said...

Is the taste like that of sourdough bread ? I think I'll stick to my own recipe with cheese !

eally said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! Hey where did you find this box for THIS cheese bread?? I would love to get my hands on some of this!!! I went to Brazil last August/September on a mission trip and fell in love with this cheese bread. They serve it EVERYWHERE!! That manioc stuff is used to make these little cookies and treats and it is yucky - so bland but they eat it up LOL.

Edi said...

Eally - the mix came from a store that is just in our town. I know you can buy it on Amazon and some online places...though I don't know if they sell just single boxes.

Anon - the taste isn't sour like sourdough bread (which I love) - it's just an odd taste I can't describe.

Anonymous said...

you're supposed to add 1 cup parm. cheese as well.

Karine said...

Believe me, it tastes nothing like the real homemade ones...