Thursday, May 8, 2008

One of My Favorite Meals - Pierogies and Kielbasa

Growing up in a Ukrainian/Polish/etc. family, pierogies were consumed quite often. Sometimes my grandma made them, sometimes they were bought at the store. Sometimes I could buy them deep fat fried with a side of sour cream (the best!).

I tried making pierogies myself once - and they were a flop. Thankfully one day in the frozen foods section at the grocery store, I came upon Mrs. T's Pierogies. A dozen costs about $2.79 and they are delicious!

Tonight I whipped up one of my favorite, fast and easy suppers.

red and yellow peppers

Cook the onion and peppers in a small amount of oil, add the kielbasa and cook until the kielbasa begins getting a bit brown. Mix in the pierogies until the pierogies brown a bit. The dish is SO delicious. Don't know if the rest of the family is crazy about it - I know my son loves the pierogies, endures the kielbasa and tries to eat around the peppers and onion. Ditto for my daughter.


Heather said...

Being of Polish lineage--my great grands were from Poland, I grew up on Pierogi, Kielbasa, kuschiki, etc. We love Mrs. T's fried in butter and onion (so healthy) and I could go for some Kielbasa and kraut right now.

Edi said...

Yeah that is how my grandma would serve the pierogies...lots of butter and onions.