Friday, May 30, 2008

Rambutan "Hairy Fruit" - Thailand

Ever since I first saw a picture of these little fellas, I've been wanting to find one to try. I wish I could have found a fresh one - but canned Rambutan will have to do.

Rambutan is a tropical fruit and the name actually means "hairy fruit". The fruit is a reddish color and is covered in little spines. Here is a photo of the fruit - very beautiful.

I liked the taste - it was soft and chewy and reminded me of the flavor of canned mandarin oranges.

Dd took a small bite and said it tasted like lychees and water chestnuts. Well she has never tasted lychees so she must have it confused with some other fruit. She does love water chestnuts and can eat an entire can of them. When I was putting the groceries away yesterday I noticed a can of chestnuts and I know I did not place them in the shopping cart.

Ds thought it tasted kind of like apple juice (which he likes) "but at the same time terrible."

If I think the kids' adverse reactions might affect one another - I try to get them to taste it independently of each other. Otherwise if the girl hears the boy spit it in the trash, she might be more hesitant to try it.


Anonymous said...

What an odd looking fruit ! I'll take your word that it tastes good !

Anonymous said...

aha they sell that down here in Hawaii in China Town, it's extremely smelly (Fresh Rambutan). We even have Durian which is even nastier. haha