Monday, May 26, 2008

Our School Year is Officially Over!

We actually "do" school year-round...but school is officially finished for the year, when we have obtained the required amount of hours set by our state. 1000 hours...600 hours are "core" subjects and 400 hours are "non-core". As of today we had approx. 1026 hrs. I haven't told the kids yet - I'm sure they will be excited. I'm also sure dd will say that we need to have some sort of party to celebrate.

It doesn't take much for the kids to call for a party. Ds thought we ought to have a party today to celebrate the fact that all four of us had found one tick each.

It will be a relief to this teacher, to NOT have to record any hours for the next few months.

School will officially resume after Labor Day.


Anonymous said...

Have a great summer ! Enjoy this time with your kids !