Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Camping Adventure

Our camping adventure just about didn't happen.

We were scheduled to leave at 9:00 AM Thursday morning. Everything was packed up except the car. The kids got up around 6:30 and began watching a video (not normal morning practice). Around 7 I sent them upstairs for breakfast. A few minutes later the boy came down, moaning and groaning. His neck was hurting. Badly. He could barely eat his breakfast. He didn't know how it happened but said that it was fine when he woke up, was watching tv and began his breakfast.


He especially could not bend his neck down to touch his chin to his chest. I gave him some Motrin...put a hot pad on his neck and had him lay down.

By 9:00 AM we knew we could not leave. A 5 plus hour drive while you have a sore neck that causes you to moan with bumps and swerves - is not a good idea. We were all disappointed.

We had the car all packed up by this point - trying to be optimistic (not a strong suit for me). Kids watched a video and we took a nap. Around 11:00 AM we decided to drown our sorrows in DQ Blizzards. The boy was hungry and I wanted to see how he'd do eating something. He was fine driving to and from DQ with nary a moan. He ate a Blizzard PLUS onion rings (his own plus one he stole from his sister).

The Amazing Healing Properties of a DQ Blizzard.

We got home around 12:15 PM and made the decision to go ahead with our original plans. The kids were excited. We dashed around doing some last minute things and were out the door by about 12:30 PM.

Our trip took about 5.5 hours. Lord of the Rings CD kept the kids entertained. I kept stopping it and asking them if they liked it or wanted me to stop it. I thought it was over their heads and was a bit too detailed for me. No - they wanted to keep listening. The boy was anxiously awaiting some "action". A stop at McDonalds for supper, fortified us.

We arrived at camp around 7:00 PM. We set to work right away, setting up our tent in "Poison Ivy Field".

We had a great time and little sleep!


Heather said...

My kids LOVE Lord of the Rings. And isn't it funny about kids and neck aches--all 3 of mine have had them on occasion and I have never figured out the cause.

Jackie said...

Sounds like such fun - a perfect time to skip some sleep! :)

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