Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Surprise

This is what I found on the kitchen table today - courtesy of a cute, little 8 yr old.

The breakfast consisted of instant oatmeal (my favorite flavor of peaches n cream)...fresh strawberries, a hard-boiled egg (complete with a little dash of salt n pepper), orange juice and a mini chocolate bar.

I would show you the funny card she made me - but that would be showing an unflattering photo of myself. So I'll tell you instead - and you can just imagine that I don't look so unflattering.

My girl took the photo of me at the breakfast table a few weeks ago - she was already scheming of a Mother's Day card. My hair is wrapped up in a towel and I'm in a bath robe.

The photo is on the front of the homemade card and the back is written up to look like an eBay auction.


Mom 5 cents (Buy now 30 cents)
Comes equipped with her own robe and towel (breakfast and table not included).
$3.00 shipping

Don't worry we love you anyway!

Hmmm wonder what method of shipping would only cost $3.00?


Anonymous said...

That's amazing for an 8 year old ! You can tell that she is taking after her mother !

Edi said...

She's a remarkable kid...I'm sure most parents think that of their kids though, don't they?