Friday, May 9, 2008

I've Been Baking Bread

Both recipes are pretty simple...the first was a combo of white, whole-wheat, and rye flour - the second was the same except I used less wheat and no rye flour.

E.L.M. King

Mother's kneading, kneading dough,
In and out her knuckles go;
Till the sticky, shapeless lump
Grows a pillow, smooth and plump.

Then she cuts it, pops it in
To the neatly buttered tin,
Leaves it rising high and higher,
While she goes to make the fire.

How the glad flames leap and roar,
Through the open oven-door;
Till their hot breath, as they play,
Makes us wink and run away.

When they've burnt to embers red
Mother shovels in the bread;
And that warm, delicious smell
Tells her it is baking well.

When it's golden, just like wheat,
We shall get a crust to eat;
How I wish we could be fed
Every day on new-made bread!


Anonymous said...

Do you use molasses in your rye bread ? The taste is very good.

Lynda said...

That looks very good. Recipe???

Edi said...

I do sometimes use molasses in my bread but I didn't this time. The baked loaves were the ones with the rye/wholewheat/white flour combo. Also I used some honey and brown sugar for sweetening which I normally don't use.

The unbaked loaves just had white sugar for sweetening.

I didn't totally follow a recipe so I don't recall what I put in. That's a problem sometimes b/c then when something does taste real good I can't duplicate it!

Heather said...

Just stopping by to say have a blessed Mother's Day.

Edi said...

Heather - Thanks - hope you have a great Mother's Day also!