Monday, April 7, 2008

Keep Sharp Implements Away From Me

I haven't had a very good track record these past couple of days, in the slicing and dicing department.

I bought my dh some new disposable razors. He's tried various kinds before and decided that the plastic throw away kind work just as good as the more expensive just-change-the-blade variety of razors.

These razors looked a bit different - instead of having a removable protective "cap", the razor and cap were attached. The cap says "open" has and arrows pointing up, to indicate how to move the cap up so you could use the blade.

I thought I'd give it a try. The first time it was hard to do and my hands were wet - so this time my hands were dry and I pushed up like the arrows indicated, and sliced through my thumb. It bled quite a bit. Not a lot of pain. I wondered if I needed stitches. At least it was a clean slice.

My dh later told me that you are not supposed to slide the cap up in the middle of the razor or what happened to me will happen. I guess those of a higher I.Q. than myself would have realized that you grasp the cap at the corners and push up - thereby keeping your digits intact.

My thumb injury (which was on my right hand) is healing nicely. Still bleeds from time to time.

Then tonight I am sawing through an egg salad sandwich (not really sure where the salad comes into the equation of that name). The top layer was the heel of the bread - a part that some folks refuse to eat for some strange reason (it happens to be my favorite part). Well this sandwich heel was rather tough b/c a) it had been in the freezer which always dries bread out b) it was over baked c) I threw a lot of extra stuff into the bread so it was kind of dense). So anywhoo - slicing through an egg salad sandwich should, generally, be a super easy task. A task that shouldn't require anything more heavy duty that a butter knife - actually most times you could easily just TEAR it in half. But I took out my new super duper sharp tomato knife. I'm not used to having such nice sharp knives around, so when I needed a knife for cutting my pickles (to add to the egg salad - which was the only vegetable that this "salad" contained) I chose my new knife.

So I'm proceeding to cut through the heel or trying to - and the knife slips and instead of cutting the bread it cuts my baby finger (on my left hand). Enough bleeding occurs to soak through the bandage (which is more information than the squeamish members of my readership care to know I imagine).

In case anyone cares to know - I bought the knife at a Mennonite bulk food store. The company that makes the knives is called "Rada Cutlery." I bought a couple of other knives from there - so I better be careful. A slice is one thing - a missing finger is another. Better watch it when I slice the onions for my chili.


Anonymous said...

I,too, have cut myself on disposable razors ! They can be very tricky to open.It was comical in the way that you worded it---starting the day with a chuckle is always good !

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I have nightmares of slicing my fingers in the food processor and shredding them on my grater. *Shiver*

I burn myself more often than I cut myself but I have been known to remove layers of skin. Again, *shiver*