Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Like Being Right as Much as the Next Guy...

but sometimes being right, is all wrong.

For about a month I've had a pain in my right side - it only hurt when I'd lay down and sometimes when I'd cough or sneeze hard. I thought it was a result of doing crunches - so I stopped doing them for a couple of weeks, but the pain didn't go away.

I did some Google-ing and figured that it was likely I had a hernia. Today I made an appointment to see my doctor. Well I say "my" doctor but she really isn't mine. "My" doctor left the practice a few years ago - so I was actually without a family doctor. I have a pediatrician for my kids and a dermatologist, allergist and gynecologist for myself, but being that I've been relatively healthy - I haven't had a need to visit a general doctor for about 3 yrs.

I was able to get in with another doctor from my previous doctor's practice. I was rather surprised I was able to get in so quickly - may be good, may be bad.

Diagnosis - hernia. The doc was quite surprised that I had a hernia as I don't fit the "profile" for most hernia patients. I received a referral to a surgeon.

Hernias do not go away on their own. Though my pain isn't severe - and isn't all that problematic...I am scared to continue weight training. It actually doesn't hurt at all when I lift or bend or pick something up.

I plan to make an appointment with the surgeon and talk with him before I continue weight training and before I decide on whether or not surgery will be needed. The doc said it was OK for me to keep running and I could continue to lift weights as long as I did not increase the weight at all.

Anyone with hernia experience?? I'd be curious to hear from those who have had surgery or didn't have surgery and just any advice you have on the whole thing.


Heather said...

My brother in -law had a hernia. Yuck. He had surgery and it made all the difference (he was a grump all the time before. :))

I am so sorry.