Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ginger Snaps Without the Snap

During my doctor appointment yesterday, my dh stayed home and watched the kids. The kids do not need constant supervision so my dh took a nap during the kids' "rest time". He needed the nap because he's sickly. I told the kids that after rest time they could watch a video - I figured that would keep them out of trouble and keep them quiet so they wouldn't wake their pops.

I arrive home to find a girl, a mixing bowl and some molasses out on the counter (well the girl was standing next to the counter and thankfully not on the counter). "I'm making gingersnaps!" She has never made cookies by herself. I note there is a stick of butter on the counter and it is rock hard. I point that out. "Oh I'm using fat-free plain yogurt - I remembered you have used that instead of oil before". I decided to just go downstairs and leave her to her own devices. I had news to share with my beloved and wasn't wanting to deal with the mess upstairs. And as before with the impromptu bagel or pretzel making, I want to encourage my dd to be independent and I didn't want to spoil her fun - so I figured it would be best for me not to watch and get "worked up".

The cookies turned out fine. They were not very snapful - reminded me more of gingerbread cake - kind of spongy and soft. But still very gingerful and tasty. I was proud of my girl. I asked if the fat was the only thing she replaced - she said she didn't have enough brown sugar so she supplemented with white sugar. I ate 3 or 4 of them :) I'm glad she "surprised" me with the cookies - I was needing a sugar fix when I got back from the doctor visit.

Here is the recipe for the gingersnap cookies - it's from a Family Fun magazine - Aunt Erma's Molasses Gingersnaps. This is by far the best (and it's super easy) gingersnap cookie recipe! If made correctly they are the right amount of snappiness and super delicious! They also turn out perfectly round and look picture perfect.

I did make the girl clean up the kitchen. It looked nasty. Sticky brown cookie dough EVERYWHERE. If you look closely in the picture you can see it on the cabinet door, the tea pot etc. This was AFTER a lot of it had been cleaned up. I wasn't mean - I did help her clean it up, but for the most part she did it herself. I want her to learn that clean up is part of the cooking process. Can't just do the fun part.


Heather said...

Yours and mine should get together. Our rule is that Rach can make anything she wants as long as she doesn't use up all the ingredients and as she cleans the kitchen before AND after she bakes. SHe has learned to adapt pretty well and her cookies, like her mom's, are never the same twice.:)

allysha said...

I love ginger anything! I'll be happy when my kids get old enough to make me cookies, too!

Edi said...

Heather - I think it would be good if I instituted some rules for kitchen use. I haven't yet - b/c I never dreamed she would do all that on her own. I guess that could go in her little home cookbook "Rules for Cooking" or some such thing.

Allysha - it's amazing how quickly they grown up and can become little helpers :)