Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WFMW - Packing Checklist

My memory isn't nearly as good as it once was (or at least I once thought it was). It all changed when my first baby entered our home.

We tend to travel quite a bit. Whether its a week long trip or just a weekend out at the farm (in-law's place), there is a lot of stuff that we need to bring along. Of course now that the kids are older there is less to cart with us (no diaper bags, baby wipes, diapers, bottles, etc) - but still too much for me to remember without my handy dandy packing checklist.

I typed up a word document with 5 or 6 columns - 1 column per family member, 1 extra column for things not pertaining to a specific person and one for things to remember to do before we go out the door.

Under each person's name is a list of what I need to pack for that person (ie. underwear, socks, pjs, sleeping toy, barrettes, hairbrush, day clothes, Sunday clothes, shampoo etc).

Under the "Remember" column - water plants, turns off computers/printer, turn off dehumidifier, heat off (programmable thermostat now - so that just needs to be reprogrammed), take out trash etc.

Under the general column - snacks, cell phone, hand wipes, sun screen, medicine etc.

The document is easy to change, so before printing it out I just add/delete items that might apply to our current trip - like rubber boots for the farm this weekend...

When I'm ready to pack, I print off the checklist and then cross off the items as they are added to the suitcases. Dd likes to help with the packing so sometimes I'll print out her section separately and let her help out (though I check her stuff to make sure she hasn't forgotten something).

This doesn't guarantee that I won't forget something - but it sure cuts down on missing things.

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FrazzMom said...

I do this as well... When I'm done packing I toss the list in my suitcase- then I use it when we leave as a checklist to make sure we remembered to bring everything home!