Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Eel Fillets - Thailand

No doubt about it - eels are downright creepy! "Eels are bony fish that have a muscular, snake-like body. There about 500 species of eels worldwide. Some eels live in salt water, but many also live in fresh water." That phrase "bony fish that have a muscular, snake-like body" says it pretty well.

Now I've always wanted to taste snake (cooked of course). I've thought about it, but never had the opportunity. I like looking at snakes from a distance and find them pretty interesting. I used to enjoy wading in the creek at my in-law's farm, until I read up on cotton mouth snakes (which are residents at the creek).

But eels tend to have a creepiness about them that is different than snakes. Perhaps b/c they live in the water, one imagines them to be rather slimy and very fast moving. And any time a species looks like a different species, it's a bit unnerving. An eel is a fish but looks like a snake. At least the picture on the wrapper didn't look as creepy as this type of eel.

A young eel is called an elver - which is a cute sounding name.

Well I found the eel tasting to be disappointing.

The fillets just looked like flat, small pieces of fish. "It smells like bacon" said the boy.

I thought the texture was softer/mushier than other canned fish like sardines. It wasn't nearly as good as sardines and had an unpleasant flavor...which in part could have been from the soybean oil it was packed in.

Dd said, "Mmmmm, sort of like sardines. I want more! Really soft." She probably would have eaten the whole tin if I had let her. She did not want me to throw any of it away.

Ds said, "Totally fishy...wouldn't say it tastes like sardines - it's like the inside of Captn D's fish".


Anonymous said...

Eels are disgusting ! There is no way that I would attempt this adventure down the "culinary trail" !Kudos for trying !