Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Toasted Wheat Cake W/Purple Yam & Coconut Sport String

These toasted wheat cakes came from the Philippines. In a little sealed bag were 10 individually wrapped cakes (more liked cookies) - wrapped in either white or purple wax paper.

Each little cake is whitish-pink colored, with purple speckles. Very cute.

The kids were a bit apprehensive to give these cakes a try, but after tasting them, they sure were glad.

Dd - "Exellent - but a hint of something strange...powdery."

Ds - "Mmmmmm kind of like a cookie...I don't know what it tastes like but I think it tastes completely yummy. Can you see some sparkley sugar? Fantastic! Perfect!"

Both children ate 2 pieces and asked if there would be any more for tomorrow.

I thought they were tasty too. They were sweet (but not very)...very powdery/crumbly and kind of melt in your mouth. A bit similar to a shortbread cookie. It sticks to the roof of your mouth in a clump (need to eat it with a glass of milk).

The ingredients are: wheat flour, skim milk, cane sugar, ube macapuno powder, butter. One small piece contains 80 calories. Ube is a purple yam - here is a picture of a cake made with ube.

I found this about the cakes...."Another popular Filipino delight is polvoron or “Manila shortbread,” a sweet mixture of toasted flour, milk, butter and sugar cooked and then molded, and available plain or flavoured with cashew, pinipig (a special roasted rice crisp), ube, peanut and chocolate-honey-almond. The name is derived from the Tagalog word pulbos, which means a powdery candy. Some of the polvoron has a halvah-like taste and lightness."


FrazzMom said...

Hmmm... Your review makes them sound yummy, but I am frightened by the words "coconut sport string"!

Edi said...

Yeah I couldn't figure out the "coconut sport string" either. The ingredients don't include coconut anything...

Delicious!!! Caterers said...

Great flavor. You're right...just like a shortbread cookie. I cater, so I'm wondering if you could crush nuts in a food processor and combine this with a small amount of clarified butter and line a pie plate for a really cool end of the summer dessert?

Anonymous said...

Coconut sport is just a term for a particular part of a coconut. So it's essentially coconut meat.

Anonymous said...

Did i just eat sand?