Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Northern Canadian Blood Triumphs Over Snow Filled Drive-way

This was one of those days when my hearty Northern Canadian blood, and vigorous weight lifting regime (slight exaggeration) came in handy.

It snowed. And snowed. And snowed. The kids were happy. Dh was at work. I was at home. The driveway was filled with about 10 inches of snow. What to do - what to do??

Since I had not performed any cardio activity today, I decided to go out and shovel the driveway. It was the light fluffy kind of snow on top - but kind of melty and slushy at the bottom. I could push the shovel some of the time - but still had to heave the snow over my shoulder when I'd come to the end of the row.

I included this photo so you could see the big pile of snow on the side to get an idea of how deep the snow was.

I didn't think I could do the whole driveway. A few times I thought about quitting. My wrist hurt the most. But since the city had not even plowed our street, I thought my dh would have a hard time even parking on the street if he couldn't get up the driveway - so I persevered.

It took me 1 - 1.5 hrs to do the whole driveway (no breaks). I was pretty proud of my work. Of course I had only been in the house for about 1/2 hr when the plow finally came down our street and pushed a huge pile of snow in front of the driveway - blocking access. I hummed and hawed wondering if my dh would be able to get up the driveway still - hoped he would be able to. I finally decided I ought to just go out and fix that little bit and it only took about 10 min.

Dh is somewhere on his way home - a drive that usually takes about 20 min at the most - has so far taken 1.5 hrs...

I know this doesn't sound like much snow to my Canadian kin - but it's a huge deal here.

I know this much - I could never move back up North... if the cold didn't kill me, the shoveling would!


Kirby3131 said...

I moved to Florida from Michigan just to get away from the white stuff. In December I came home to MI for a week - day one it snowed 8" and I was left to "do the driveway" -- I didn't think my arms would ever remember how to shovel snow. I got halfway through when my mothers neighbor showed up with a snowblower. I think she finally took pity on me. LOL It snowed several times that week and I managed to keep the driveway clear. You will be blessed -- clearing the drive for your DH and for your family was a good thing :)

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