Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Swedish Knackebrod

Due to my partially Swedish heritage, I decided to buy some Knackebrod when I saw it at the world food store. It is a traditional whole rye bread that is very crisp (also called "Crisp Bread") and dry. It is more like a cracker than a bread.

When I used to visit my Swedish grandmother she would serve this bread with soup. I was never a butter on bread eater and still am not (unless the bread is homemade and warm), but I would scrape on a very thin layer of butter to add some taste and some moisture!

The type my grandma would serve were little rectangle pieces about the size of two soda crackers. I cannot eat it without thinking of her.

This bread is pretty tasteless if you eat it plain. It is very dry and hard and I imagine the taste to be similar to crunchy dog food. I remember tasting some dog food one time out at my other grandma's house (just out of curiosity - I was a young child). Having said that - I do like this bread. I ate some this afternoon with sardines (a nice combination) and plain tonight with a salad, and enjoyed it. Both children liked it too. I had left it out on the counter and they were passing by breaking off small pieces.

Of course the large, flat wheel shape and the patterned bread with the hole in the middle is aesthetically pleasing. Just writing this makes me want to run upstairs and have some with a slice of cheese...but having consumed more than my alloted calories for the day - I shall deny myself. Not that I have a strict allotment of calories - I just know I am way over what I should be having, since I had a Slurpee and quite a few Doritos. Now that doesn't mean in an hour I'll still be holding onto my resolve.

You can read some more about Knackebrod here. You can purchase some for yourself on Amazon, or here is a recipe if you want to try to make some yourself.

The package I bought contains 4 large "wheels" and cost about $5.00.