Monday, February 4, 2008

Eskimo Picnic

Eskimo Picnic-ing

Last Thursday it snowed. By Friday morning we had close to 9 inches of snow. It's been over 10 yrs since the last time we had more than 8 inches of snow.

By Saturday the snow was melting. Sunday it was pouring rain and melting.

This morning we went out to do some shopping. By lunch time it was "beastly hot" - at least for those of us that started out wearing our winter jackets. By the time we were at store number 2 - the jackets were in the car.

We realized we needed to "make hay while the sun shines" - and so decided to have an Eskimo picnic today. Well I'm not really sure if technically you can call it an Eskimo picnic being that the temperature was about 74 degrees!!!!!!! But it's a picnic in the winter - so that's what we called it.

First we went to get some "liquid sustenance". Big disappoint! Half the flavors were not working - and my dd's favorite and 2nd favorite flavors were in that half. I got one for ds and myself - and asked dd what she wanted out of the remaining flavors. None would work. There were tears.

We needed to stop at home to grab a quick picnic lunch (PBJ sandwich for the boy - crackers and sardines for the girl and I). I figured we could go to the park near 7-11 for our picnic and pop into 7-11 to see if they had the girl's flavor. They did. Happy. Happy.

Splashing in the puddle

It as very wet and muddy at the park - we ate before we played. It was warm enough for bare feet - but the kids had on their rubber boots - so that was good enough. You know if you are wearing rubber boots it means you can jump/splash/hop in puddles much to your heart's least so thought the kids. They got very wet/dirty. I let them be...they were happy. At one point dd rolled her sleeves and pant legs up - it was that warm.

Last Tuesday we had a beautiful day like this and within a few hours it was BITTERLY cold and snowy - it's amazing how in the same day, let alone the same week - we can have such variations in temperature.