Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bissli Pizza Flavor Wheat Party Snack - Israel

I chose the snack - the kids chose the flavor. I was hoping for a flavor that was a bit more "exotic" but this is what the kids wanted, and believe it or not, I sometimes give in to them.

The packaged reads "Cholesterol free wheat party snack." And it's Kosher! Might be cholesterol free and made with wheat but this small bag contains 2.5 servings and if you ate the whole bag (which it would not be hard to do) that would be 350 calories (180 from fat). First ingredient is wheat four the second is palm oil.

The little "crackers" were very hard crunchy little nuggets - with little pizza flavor, and not very salty.

Dd said, "Hint of pizza, hard, not much flavor...yummy." Ds "Yummy." Other than the few crumbs they let me have - they finished off the bag pretty quickly.

The little package (2.5 oz) cost about $1.50.


Teachin' this mommy new tricks! said...

I have to say that my favotite foreign snack it these cookie called Hobnobs or the McV ones! They are super good!