Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sesame Seed Cookie - Vietnam

When I was growing up in Canada - there was a type of "candy" called "Sesame Snaps." They were little hard rectangles of sweetened sesame seeds. I had actually forgotten about them - but when we were in Manitoba last summer, I was looking around the grocery store trying to find "familiar" foods - and I came across some & got to taste them once again.

So when I saw this large circular sesame seed "cookie" at the world food store - I knew I had to buy it.

The "cookie" cost less than $2. The ingredients are sesame seeds, peanuts and sugar.

It tastes WONDERFUL! It was similar to the "candy" I remember - except this was not hard and crunchy but chewy like toffee. It tastes like sesame seeds and peanuts mixed with toffee (hmmm fancy that). It's not overly sweet. If it were not for the caloric factor - I would have finished it off today.

Dd said "Yuck - I don't like it...too peanuty and chewy." Well she never has a problem with peanuts and things that are chewy - she just doesn't like sesame seeds so she pretty much automatically rejected it.

The boy said "I don't like it too much." He did think it was sweet and peanuty and did ask for some after supper - but only tore off a small piece and then didn't want any more.

I'd definitely buy this again!

This "cookie" is almost the size of a dinner plate.

Speaking of sesame seeds - a couple of months ago I replenished my supply of sesame seeds and poppy seeds from a Mennonite bulk food "bakery". My old seeds had been languishing in their containers for probably a year and though I still had some left, I pitched them and bought some "fresh" seeds. About the first time I opened my seeds a little WORM fell out of the bag! The seeds were all pitched :( and I am now without poppy or sesame seeds. I love sprinkling the seeds on homemade French bread or bread sticks.


Lynda said...

Get thee to an asian grocery store and find some soba noodles - a little light asian dressing with some toasted sesame seeds is the perfect meal... eaten ice cold, they are fantastic in summer.

Let me know if you want a dressing recipe... I can send you one. LOL at the 'worms'.... horrid nasty things!

Teachin' this mommy new tricks! said...

interesting, but sounds tasty!

lifeasamama said...

oh this sounds good! thanks for stopping by my giveaway...

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Eeeewwwww (that was for the worm)

I love sesame candy and that "cookie" looks so yummy.