Thursday, January 24, 2008

Self-Portrait of an 8 Year Old

In case you have been wondering what exactly my children look like, I have included an artistic rendition of my 8 year old. She drew the picture herself :)

The part I like the best is her shirt, because it really did look quite similar to what she had on. I'd say the hair looks pretty accurate too :)

Yesterday she was busy making a magazine for kids...and then somehow moved on to working on her self-portrait. She is a very crafty girl - give her glue/tape/paper/scissors and she'll end up with something clever.


Lynda said...

Excellent portrait! An artist in the making... keep those mum, look what Picasso doodles go for these days.

2 years ago I noticed how much my little daughter liked playing with my heavy weight sticky tape dispenser in my office... so I bought one for her for Xmas.. in Red with 10 rolls of sticky tape... everyone thought I was mad... but she ADORED IT.. and still spends hours building/stick/creating with the sticky tape. Since then I have given these as gifts to lots of school birthday party kids... each time their parents look cross-eyed -- then come up to me weeks later and say how much their kids LOVES it. And whats more.. they only cost a couple of dollars from OfficeWorks. (sorry about the long post... seems I have verbosity today)

Beth said...

Cute! I have a thing for my kids' art! My oldest is just like your dd in the tape/scissors/art supplies department - she's in heaven when she has them, disappearing for hours, then reappearing with some insanely creative project she's made!

J at said...

Amazing...have you seen a magazine called Stone Soup? It's a kids magazine, written and illustrated by kids. Your daughter might enjoy submitting a few things!

or daughter has always been artistic, and still, not interested in this. :)