Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pop Top Pickles

I was intrigued by these pickles in a can with a pop top, instead of the regular pickles in a jar with a lid. They are "Mediterranean Pickles", a product of Israel.

We decided to buy a can and try them out. We are HUGE pickle eaters in our home. We’re particular – at least the kids and I – we do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT – eat sweet pickles. I’ve never been fond of them and I never buy them. It’s the salt n vinegar that I love in pickles – so they need to be sour.

This can contained about 12 medium sized pickles…they looked and smelled just like the regular dills we purchase. The only difference is that after you’ve been chewing for a few seconds – you taste a spicy-hotness, similar, but not as strong as jalapenos. I didn’t let on to the kids right away that they were spicy – figuring they would automatically say they didn’t like them.

They each ate one – said "they’re spicy” and didn’t want to eat anymore. So now I’m stuck with eating the remainder of pickles. My ds loves jalapenos, as do I – so I can’t figure out why he would not like a spicy pickle.

By the way, do any of you drink pickle juice? As I mentioned before, I do have a sibling who enjoys a little glass of some once in awhile...and I have found my dd drinking some too. Just wondering if it's a weird genetic thing with our family or whether you enjoy a shot glass full every now and then :)

Here is a recipe that is a tradition in my dh’s family. No family feast is complete without them. And they MUST be made the same way each time, b/c we are rather particular about our wrapped dills. These always quickly disappear from the dinner table.

Now I have not made these in quite some time (it’s an honor that is bestowed upon you if you are the one asked to make the dills – and don’t mess them up or you won’t be asked the next time!), so I hope I have the instructions correct.

Wrapped Dills

Deli sliced ham (or other favorite thin sliced meat)
Jar (or pop top can) of large dill pickles
Pkg of cream cheese

Let the cream cheese come to room temperature or warm it slightly in the microwave until it is very easy to spread.

Gently (so as not to tear the ham) spread a THIN layer of cream cheese on the ham slice – do this with about 3 pieces of ham per dill. Then taking a pickle that has been dried off – wrap the ham slices around the pickle, nice and tight – covering the whole dill.

Refrigerate overnight or for a few hours until the cream cheese is hard again.

Just before serving, slice the pickle into about 1-inch slices – and you’ll have some cute little pinwheel looking appetizers.

Here is a little video clip of Paula Deen making these little babies. Note – she does not spread the cheese on quite the same way as I described above…it is important to do it “my” way, or the pinwheels don’t look as nice and you end up with a big glob of cream cheese between the pickles and the ham instead of alternating layers of cream cheese and ham. Also, we do not serve them with crackers on a bed of lettuce and top with pimento (shiver!) - these wrapped dills need no accompaniment.


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Oh, a kindred spirit! I love pickles, and will not eat sweet ones, either. Sugar and vinegar just don't mix, in my opinion.

I drink pickle juice. Shh, don't tell! Several of my siblings and my husband do, too. We've decided that any potential spouse need to like, it, too!

Totallyscrappy said...

Gotta love a good pickle. And you are right... sweet ones are not the "good ones".