Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Better Be Careful of Those Foreign Pickle Jars

"A Slovenian woman who found a mouse foot in a jar of pickles was shocked to be told it was "completely normal".

Lenka Komparova contacted the Health Ministry as she prepared to sue the company producing the food.

But, instead of supporting her claim for compensation, officials said she should see the mouse foot as a "special additive".

I came across this interesting story this morning. Obviously not all countries have the same standards of what is, and what is not, normal.

Stories that hail from foreign lands - it's hard to know whether or not they are fact or fiction.

But it does make me wonder what could be lurking in my jar of pickled gem squash from Poland!


Lynda said...

Well I eat most things... but I don't think I have ever tried 'mouse feet"....blerk. Don't like rodents.....