Monday, January 14, 2008

Pickled Gem Squash

Something little. Something cute. Something pickled. A vegetable with ruffled edges. How could you go wrong?

Well how about if they were SWEET pickles...

I had assumed they were dills, which no one could possibly find offensive - so I bought them.

The pickled gem squash were not as sweet as normal sweet pickles, and they didn't have the cucumber crunch of a pickle - but other than that, if your eyes were closed, you'd think you were eating sweet pickles.

As soon as the kids tasted them they said "like sweet pickles" and that was about the end of the tasting.

They do get extra points for being cute.

They would like great on a tray of pickles and olives or used as a garnish.

This large jar of gem squash cost about $2.79...and is a product of Poland. The ingredients are pretty typical of pickled foods...squash, water, vinegar, sugar, salt, peppers, onion and spices.


Meredith said...

They are cute!

Wonder if they would be good to pickle at home?

One more thought: from here on out, would you consider including the price on the items you showcase?

Promise, I won't faint--I think the cost of your "edible education" is totally justified. I'd just love to have a basis for comparison when we venture into ethnic groceries ourselves.

Edi said...

I'd be glad to include the prices - I think I meant to do that at the beginning and then didn't do it.

I can't find the receipt on them - but I think it was something like $2.79...

I've never pickled anything before - but I'm sure you could do it at home. It's amazing the variety of pickled items we have come across...

Anonymous said...

They are not traditional Gem Squash. Gem Squash are the size of a tennis ball round and dark green and a staple South African food