Thursday, January 24, 2008

Frugal Friday - Saving $ Mailing Packages

Mailing packages is expensive. Mailing packages to Canada and overseas is even MORE expensive. It's pretty bad when you spend a lot more on the shipping, than on the item being shipped!

Here is how I save a bit of money.

If I am mailing magazines to my sister overseas - I tear out all the little paper inserts and all the pages that are just advertising. I'm sure she doesn't mind (you don't, right Kelly??) One magazine before removing the "extras" was 1 lb - after removing the "extras" it weighed 10 oz. An envelope weighing 1 lb to my sister overseas would cost $10.10 - a 10 oz envelope would cost $8.65...saving $1.45. Most packages I send weigh much more than 1 lb - so the savings is even more significant. A first class package weighing 4 1lb would cost $27.50...a 3 1lb package would cost $21.70...saving $5.80.

I also try to remove any unnecessary packaging on the items I know how you buy a little toy and it has huge amounts of extra cardboard and or plastic...when prudent, I cut it off or remove it. Obviously you don't want to cut off any instructions for an item, or something that would make the item more likely to break - but the stuff that is going to be thrown in the trash right after it's opened, is fair game.

I know things tend to look used if you remove packaging and such - and if that is a concern to you, you could always include a little note stating that the item is new and that you removed the excess packaging. By removing huge packaging you may also be able to fit the items into a smaller box thereby saving even more on shipping. Or it might just mean that the recipient gets the bigger box, filled with MORE stuff - rather than more stuffing.

You can also save money on shipping by using free "Kraft" paper for wrapping up your parcel.

For more Frugal Friday tips - please visit Crystal over at Biblical Womanhood.


J at said...

Smart ideas! The only downside I can see is if they for some reason want to return something, without the packaging, they're doomed. I feel your pain, though. Recently I wanted to send my mom $50 worth of goodies from Omaha Steaks. She lives in Alaska, so the extra postage would have bumped my purchase up to $88! um, love you mom, I'll send you a check, you can go buy some dang steak!

Edi said...

Yes you are right - if you think there is a chance the item will need to be returned - don't mess with the packaging.

The packages I send to my sister - it's always a relief when she actually does receive them (she lives in Papua New Guinea)...and due to return postage and such - there is no way the items could or would be returned.

Vickie said...

Good ideas Edi! I have to admit I don't have to mail things much but it is good info to have.

I love the library but they never seem to have appropriate movie at ours that I would rent. I need to look into it further. WE have rented CDs there though and of course I love to read so it is not unusual for me to check out 15 books at a time!

Earthmommy said...

These were great tips! I ship all the time so this will save me some dough!