Saturday, January 5, 2008

Exotic to Me

"I think it's VERY EXOTIC to me." said the boy

The 5 yr old came downstairs to my "office" to let me know that he did indeed have 3 bowls of porridge (apple/cinnamon variety). He had almost finished his glass of orange juice when I was up there and had requested a cup of coffee (I gave him a 1/2 c of de-caf). I asked if he was able to finish his coffee in addition to the glass of orange juice and 3 bowls of porridge. "I did something exotic...I mixed the orange juice and the coffee...I think it's very exotic to me," he replied.

3 bowls of apple/cinnamon porridge
1 large glass of orange juice
1/2 c of coffee
1 very fat stomach (his words)

The kids think "exotic" is the magic word now. Want mom to buy you a treat - just claim that it's ex-o-tic.

The kids enjoy giving "advice" on the blog and the stuff we are eating... They will argue that something is NOT exotic and I will remind them that it's exotic to us if it's something unusual or we haven't tried it before. The dictionary definition is:
  1. From another part of the world; foreign:
  2. Intriguingly unusual or different
One day my dd was talking to a friend about some exotic food she had and the boy responded "the most exotic thing I have ever eaten is a kiwi". Dd thought that was odd - she had been eating kiwis for years.

It's all relative, as they say.

What is the most exotic thing you have ever eaten?


traveller one said...

Nice to meet you! I've added a link to your blog so that I can find my back again :)
I'm going to think about the question and see what I can remember about exotic eating!

Nora Lee said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment about learning the names of the people in old pictures. To answer you question about the most exotic thing I have eaten, I guess would be conch fritters.