Thursday, December 20, 2007

Any Stocking Stuffer Traditions???

Is there any one or two or three items you are sure to include in your child's stocking every year?

Growing up I seem to remember there was always a "Christmas orange" (one of those easy to peel variety), a small can of juice, and a small box of cereal (those mini boxes that come about 8 to a pack).

Those items seemed to reappear stocking after stocking. And now I try to include those items in my kids' stockings.

The stocking was always my favorite part of the presents. My mom always seemed to come up with fun things in them...I remember one year getting an old fashioned kind of pen that you did in ink...and the bottle of ink I got was red. I remember a candy cane shaped pen that wrote with an ink that smelled like peppermint (and this year I actually found a couple for my kids!).

One new tradition I've started for our kid's stockings is a tree ornament...snowmen for my dd and nutcrackers for my ds. I began this when my dd was about 4 - hoping she'll have a nice collection of her own ornaments for her own home one day.

So what stocking stuffers do you do?


The Correspondent said...

What a great idea to include a mini box of cereal. My kids would love that because I never buy the mini box varieties. And since we don't give the kids Coke, Dr. Pepper, etc., I think I might stick a 20 ounce in their stockings this year as a special treat. We've included a tangerine in the toe of the stocking for as long as I can remember ... probably because my folks did that with my stockings as I was growing up.

At Barchester, everyone always gets at least one book as a stocking gift and usually a CD and a DVD. Other gifts vary, but those are constants.

The stockings are the only gift from Mr. Knightley and me, so we fill them with really nice stuff. They each also get one gift from their collective sibs.

EdibleEducation said...

I think my mom started the mini cereal boxes so we could get our own breakfast in the morning... also it is a treat for us now b/c we usually just buy the cheap large boxes at Aldi.

I like the idea of the stocking being the only gift from mom and dad (and you can fill it as much or as little as you like).

I often wrap the stocking items, just to make it a bit more fun...and one year I made them their own stockings with embroidery work on the front.