Friday, November 2, 2007

Squid Shreds

Our food of the day was squid shreds. I liked the colorful package, the cute squid picture and the fact that it was unusual and cheap (approx. $1.50) and looked like something the kids would think was fun to try.

Squid shreds are basically dried, shredded squid. The main ingredients in order are:

squid, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate

No country of origin was market on the package but there is some Chinese?? characters on the package that may supply that information.

What did I think of the shredded squid: overpowering shrimpy/fishy smell...surprisingly sweet and chewy (similar to beef jerky in consistency) and after you've been chewing for awhile it tastes hot/spicy.

What did the kids think of the shredded squid: Daughter - "I didn't think it was very good. Very sweet, very spicy, has a really strange smell, feels like beef jerky." Son - "It was salty and yummy."