Friday, November 2, 2007

Recording Our Adventures On The Food Frontier

Today "The Kids and I", (not to be confused with The King and I) are launching the recording of our exotic eating and our adventures on the food frontier.

I am a housewife/homeschool teacher/stay-at-home mom (though my dh and kids would probably say, instead of stay-at-home mom it should read "Going-to-town-a-lot mom"). My kids are 8 and 5.

Recently, out on one of our "Going-to-town-a-lot" jags, we came upon a world foods type of grocery store and decided to pop in. The kids are usually up for trying something new and unusual. Not necessarily when it is a recipe I try - but unfamiliar foods from the market.

We bought quite a few new foods and, as I was nibbling and reading other blogs - I decided our exotic eating would be something we could blog about. My daughter has been wanting to blog for months and I have been reading blogs for about a year.

Exotic is something that is from another place or part of the world or is very different. Something we are not used to. All the foods we experiment with will not necessarily be strange to everyone - but as we are typically meat and potato type of folks...things like red rice or quail eggs from Thailand or prickly pear fruit or flat bread or ginger beer from England, will be exotic to us.

We will never know about all these exotic, unusual and sometimes strange foods, unless we hunt them down, give them to our children... and are brave enough to try them as well.


Mrs. C said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and comment on the Bjorn books. I've really enjoyed reading them!

Your "exotic foods" idea is wonderful! It's tough to get kids to try new foods, but mine are sometimes pleasantly surprised to find that they may just like something "different".

Mrs. C