Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Quail Eggs

Ever since we bought the can of quail eggs, the kids have been asking "are we going to try the quail eggs today?" I kept putting them off, in part, because I was scared to try them.

We were having a kind of Chinese-ish supper tonight - so I decided this would be an appropriate time to serve the quail eggs. I actually had the thought that for this food, only the kids would need to try them.

I opened the can - with two little eager beavers watching closely - and proceeded to dump the contents into a sieve (they were packed in water). I thought only a few eggs could fit into a can that size - but was excited to see about a dozen of the smallest hardboiled eggs I had ever seen, fall into the sieve. I didn't have a clue that they were going to be so tiny!

I smelled the eggs - didn't have a bad smell. I felt them - they were very rubbery. I sliced one in half - it looked just like a miniature sized chicken egg. The yoke portion seemed stickier than a regular egg.

We popped them into our mouths - the kids eagerly, me with trepidation. They tasted like...an egg. A milder flavor than a hen's egg . We added salt and pepper and the kids could hardly wait until supper when they could consume more.

I'm not surprised that the girl liked them so much b/c she loves hardboiled eggs, but the boy is not crazy about hardboiled eggs...he usually doesn't like the yoke. But they both kept asking for more. When I'd say something like "ok two more" than the boy would pipe up "but I didn't get as many."

I was pleasantly surprised at their excitement over the eggs - they probably would have eaten the whole can in one sitting if I had let them.


chickadee said...

i can't believe your kids are so willing to try new things. do you know how unique they are?
my dad raised quail when i was a kid and i always adored those tiny eggs. we didn't eat them, though we did eat the quail.

Munkamama said...

You know I'm not really sure why they are willing to try these things... my dd practically gags over having to eat mixed foods like in a casserole or stew. She HATES milkshakes (though she probably has not even tasted one since she was about 4 years old!)- and has no desire to have one even though she LOVES ice-cream and I tell her how wonderful it it.

I guess if I portrayed a real negative attitude about some unusual food they might not be so willing, so I think my enthusiasm about "getting" to try something new and exciting makes them want to try it too.

Kristy said...

I have 12 fresh quails eggs ready to use in the kitchen.My girls though want to blow them as the shells are so pretty.So I think we will be having quail egg omlette!