Thursday, November 8, 2007

"Gag Me With A Spoon"

A phrase I've borrowed from the old tv show "Valley Girls", describes what this is NOT all about.

I am not trying to find the most disgusting foods on the planet ... I have my limits and so do the children.

I'm not going to try something that I think might curl our if it smells real nasty - I probably won't take a taste. I won't buy it if it's called something like "pickled pigs feet"(blended or otherwise) or "fried rooster combs" (well actually since that one is fried I might be willing to try it), or "maggot bread" or ____ (fill in the blank with the nastiest food you can imagine). We won't be digesting wiggling worms (though we have the book "How To Eat Fried Worms"), domesticated animals, or non-food items (ie. clay, grass or ground up glass).

We are blessed to live in American, and to live during a time, where fresh fruits and vegetables and baked goods are a hop, skip and a jump from most homes. Not only that - but we can (usually) purchase traditional foods from all different countries and ethnic groups.

If we are not willing to be a little bit brave, we may miss out on something wonderful!