Monday, November 12, 2007

Babette's Feast

About 1 1/2 years ago we somehow came across a great movie - Babette's Feast.

It's the story of two old spinster sisters who are used to living simply, plainly and in denying themselves.

Along comes a foreign woman- Babette, they take her in and she agrees to be their cook. The sisters "teach" the foreigner how to cook and she lives with them for many years.

Upon the advent of their dead father's anniversary of birth, the women decide to hold a celebration for their friends. The cook agrees to prepare the meal using a large sum of money she won from the lottery. Exotic foods are ordered and shipped out to the cook. The sisters and their guests are apprehensive about what this foreign woman might try and feed them, since they are used to simple foods and seem to believe that fancier foods are "ungodly" or sinful.

Babette prepares her feast. Working in the kitchen by herself she prepares multiple courses comprised of foods they've never tasted...caviar, quail and turtle soup are a few of the exotic dishes she serves.

The plain folk are surprised at how wonderful the food tastes, overcome their fears and start enjoying this exotic meal.

Just talking about this movie makes me want to watch it. This time I'll let my 8 yr old watch it too. She loves watching cooking shows on tv "especially when they are cooking meat!". Rather surprising being that she is not a big meat eater.


Mommy said...

I have never heard of this movie before. I am always on a look out for a good movie, so I will have to check into this. Thanks!

Thank you too, for stopping by my blog. As far as toddlers go, so far that has been what my children have been when we are doing the campfire. They have a healthy fear of fire, that I instilled into them through visual demonstrations, and the like. My little boy on the other hand, may have to be watched over closely this year.
But over all there have been no accidents. Also my niece and nephews have been toddlers also during the campfire. When we started this traditon, my neice was three years old and my nephew was 2.
Have a great day!