Thursday, November 15, 2007


Well I have two coconut eating experiments - one good, one bad.

The good first...we researched how to drain and then open our coconut. Being rather impatient, and not very good with directions - I poked the holes with a screwdriver and banged on it with a mallet. This worked to get out some clear liquid. The kids were surprised to find out that the liquid was clear. They both had a taste and decided it tasted ok. They were more interested in getting the whole coconut opened up. I tried a variety of methods and finally resorted to hurling the coconut onto our concrete driveway. It split open into many little pieces - which the kids enjoyed eating. Not as tasty as the shredded coconut you can buy in a bag - but the novelty of eating something fresh and in it's natural state, wins out.

I had a hard time figuring out how to shred the coconut - which ended up being ok, since I didn't really have any idea what I'd do with a bunch of freshly shredded coconut.

The coconut remains, remained in the fridge for a few days and then I pitched it, much to the chagrin of my dd.

So we bought another one. Being too lazy to go outside to the garage and fetch the mallet and screwdriver, I attempted to improvise with inadequate kitchen utensils. I did manage to easily poke out one of the eyes (no not of my children but the coconut) - which seemed a bit odd. I used a nail and the basement hammer. After safely "sterilizing" the nail (well ran it under hot water and a bit of dish soap anyway) - I hammered it (easily) into the eye. Then I did the same with the other two eyes.

It did not appear that the holes were large enough to drain the coconut - so I tried poking in the sharp end of a vegetable peeler and hammering on that...then a cocktail fork - to no avail. Thankfully my dh then arrived home and took over. I noticed the coconut liquid smelled kind of "funny" - rancid or fermented. I took a taste - tasted like it smelled.

Dh took it to the basement and cracked open the husk and it looked very odd. Instead of being a nice white cracked in to - it was kind of dirty and speckled and instead of the meat adhering to the husk part it kind of came apart like a hardboiled egg...and looked like one. Nasty smell. Felt kind of soft. He broke it open and I feared it would be crawling with maggots or something else...the inside just didn't look normal - it wasn't hard and deep white like our other coconut and the smell was bad.

I've read that rancid coconuts smell HORRIBLE - well this was not to that point - though after throwing it all in the laundry room trash can - we decided to take it outdoors to the trash. The laundry room smelled of coconut for awhile.

I've read that coconuts can stay fresh for a few months, and since we only had this one for a short time I'm kind of surprised (though who knows how long it sat in the store).

Pictures below of the "bad" coconut.