Monday, December 20, 2010

Cookie Decorating Party

A couple of weeks ago we had our annual Christmas Cookie Decorating Party. I think this was our 5th year.

Along with decorating regular sized gingerbread and sugar cookies - for the past few years I've also made a GIANT cookie for each child to decorate. One year it was a giant gingerbread person, the next year it was a giant Christmas tree and this year it was a giant rectangle. Rectangle??

The girl came up with the idea months ago. What if we were to make cookie sheet pan sized cookies that we could "draw" on - kind of like a large sheet of paper? It sounded a bit odd to me but decided to give it a try.

A week or so before the party I did a trial run on the gingerbread cookie recipe I had, to make sure that it would bake OK in the pan and not fall apart when I took it out. It worked fine - but I still decided to make some foil covered, cardboard "trays" to place under the giant cookies as they were being decorated and moved around - so as to avoid any disaster.

The boy's goal was to just get as much candy on his "paper" as possible - thereby creating some edible abstract art (shall we say).

The girl designed a scene with a house and snow.

The kids and I have already talked about ideas for the GIANT cookie next's a bit too soon to make that decision - but I'm open to ideas - any suggestions???


CanadianGrandma said...

The cookies looked great! A wonderful tradition in which to partake each year!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea - they turned out fantastic!!
Have a great Christmas!
Love Rhonda, Kevin & Jeff

Anonymous said...

Looks very festive and tasty.I like the idea of putting on a lot of candy.Merry Christmas! Canadian Grandpa

Rebekah said...

SO fun!!! I'm so happy for you all to share such a fun tradition! Great idea on the sheets!!

Miamigal said...

Yummy even tho.. its june!!


stevenjared0853 said...

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