Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Tadpole/ Froglet

Beaver checking out the scenery.

The girl looking in - Beaver looking out. Note - the water is not as green as it appears in the photo - the water is regularly changed.

Here he is today...the girl decided it's time to give him a name..."He looks like a beaver so his name will be Beaver". Hmmm not too many frogs out there named Beaver...

This afternoon we came home to find Beaver sticking to the glass of the aquarium. When we transfer him to a smaller home of his own - right away he hopped out of the water up onto the glass side.

Beaver's tail is much smaller today and he looks smaller than the tadpoles...we think at this stage he is actually considered a froglet...and the girl thinks he is a Spring Peeper (which is a type of tree frog).

Time to find him some "real" food.


Anonymous said...

Now I think he's a gray treefrog and he might turn green.

CanadianGrandma said...

One day the frog will jump out the aquarium! And where will he go? I love the fast transition of one day to the next!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting and informative.It would make a good science project for school.