Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Revolving Critter Collection

Well it seems like there is a revolving door in regards to the girl's critter collection.

We still have the two hermit crabs and the small toad - but Myrtle the Turtle was returned to the park and the two large toads were let go in our backyard.

THEN a couple of weeks ago the girl found a white moth and kept it in her room in an empty cool whip container with holes poked in it. A day or so later she excitedly showed me some "eggs" in there. They were not much bigger than a grain of sand.

Then a week ago Sunday, we arrived home from church and the girl came running to find me, all excited - the eggs hatched and there were caterpillars! The caterpillars were not much bigger than an ant...thing is the holes in the container were large enough for them to crawl out of and so her room and my house could be swarming with hundreds of micro mini caterpillars! If we have a moth infestation in the days ahead you'll know why! Though I figure they won't have anything to eat and hopefully die before doing any damage.

Recently the girl let the caterpillars go except for a small amount which she put back in a smaller container with some grass etc. It's been fun to watch the little critters grow - they've probably tripled in size.

THEN the day we left Arkansas - Sunday - less than 1/2 hr before we got in the car - we took one last look around the swimming pool for some of the girl's dive sticks. We didn't find the sticks. But the girl (in her mind I'm sure) found something much better - she held out her palm - there was a slimy mass with little black dots. Tadpole eggs!!

She put them in an empty water bottle and brought them home. The very next day they hatched! Much excitement.

The girl transferred them into her aquarium - previously housing the toads - and by today (Wed) they are already looking more tadpole-ish.

Who says education can't be fun?


CanadianGrandma said...

The tadpoles would be exciting, but not the caterpillars...hope she continues to enjoy her new "friends".