Wednesday, March 17, 2010

His & Hers

Matching tennis shoes - rather pathetic I know. It wasn't intentional.

I was playing tennis in running shoes when I broke my ankle last summer, so we decided that I should buy some "real" tennis shoes.

We had tried a number of shoe stores searching for shoes specifically for tennis... stores either carried wimpy tennis shoes (more for show) or like the Nike store, had only ONE style for women and one style for men. I tried on both but neither was satisfactory. The last store we went to had a pair of tennis shoes. Problem is they only had them in mens'. The other problem is that they were identical to the ones my dh bought for himself last fall (I know our feet look about the same size in this photo but my feet are in fact a number of sizes smaller :)).

Now here is the confusing part - at least for me. Growing up in Smalltown, Canada we referred to all gym type shoes as "runners" (maybe it was just a family thing???). Growing up in Hicksticks Midwest, USA my dh referred to all gym type shoes as "tennis shoes".

But now I have "real" running shoes for running and "real" tennis shoes for playing tennis. And then "fake" tennis shoes for everything else. Sounds easiest just to say "go put on your runners".


CanadianGrandma said...

I is easier to say "go put on your runners". Hmmm...your feet do look like they are the same size as hubby's, but I know better.

Anonymous said...

Wise choice.I found that thick soled runners weren't good for the sudden stops and lateral moves in tennis.Glad you are back playing.

Anonymous said...

Runners is easier to say :) - and yes your feet look the same size HAHA


Anonymous said...

As far as I can remember, if the shoes were not dress shoes or sandals, they were "runners".