Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We got a library card for the St. Charles library system!!

There is a library close to our church in St. Chuck and it has a large kids' area, a fireplace and even a place you can sit and drink some hot cocoa or a soda.

I took the kids there today for the first time - figuring we'd just hang out and they could read books/magazines for an hour or so. But as I was looking through the kids' books - seeing many COOL and exciting books - I thought I'd ask, even though I figured the chance was remote - if they'd allow us to get a library card even though we were not residents of St. Chuck.

The answer was YES!!

They have a reciprocal relationship with our county library so all I had to do was show my driver's license and fill out a form and VOILA!

We do have a library close to our house - but it gets a little boring going to the same old library and I think the boy feels like he has exhausted their selection of books on WARS! WEAPONS! SOLDIERS! and the like.

He checked out: "Great Escapes of WWII", "US Warplanes The C-130 Hercules", "The WWII Soldier at Monte Cassino", "Secret Armies - Resistance Groups in WWII", "Bombers", "War on Terrorism - Weapons of War".

Hmmm what did the girl check out? One book. "Black Holes".

I checked out various books that she'll be reading as well - books on the Holocaust, a kids' biography on Tolkien, and a bunch of others.

I was so impressed with all the old books they had - I wished that they were all being sold :) Seems like our county library weeds out their old books and sells them - which I always enjoy pawing through.

So that is my big news. Pretty pathetic, some would say, to be excited about a new library card - but for the amount of time we spend at the library and the high volume of books and DVDs we sign out - it's reason to be excited.


CanadianGrandma said...

I can see why your son likes those types of books!

Anonymous said...

I'll read about Tolkien for sure!Dd.

TheSaxonHus said...

The library on Elm was out of commission from Dec. 2007 until Fall 2008 for updating. The improvements they made are absolutely incredible. Glad you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

I love going to the library - but since our is small - I have exhausted all the books I like to read - they will bring in other books from the area, but you have to know the name, etc. and they will order it.