Monday, November 16, 2009

Taco Bell Kids Meals "Rip-off" - Kids Miffed!

Sunday after church we headed out to Taco Bell b/c I love Taco Bell.

We went to a TBell that we have been to many times before and I ordered what I normally order for the kids - a 2-soft taco kids meal...comes with, you guessed it, 2 soft tacos plus a small soda and an order of cinnamon twists (oh yeah and a lame toy - it was a Halloween themed toy and Halloween is long gone).

I brought the bags to the table and lo and behold the bags only consisted of one taco so I went up to the counter to inquire.

"The Kids Meal only comes with one taco now" the guy said. "It started a week ago."

I asked, "Well did the price change?" "It's a little cheaper" he said.

I'm sure there was a change on the overhead menu that stated that it only came with one taco but as it was our usual order I never thought to check that out.

I'm not sure how much cheaper the meal might be b/c I couldn't remember the previous price...but I know it was not reduced by the full cost of one soft taco.

The kids were STEAMED. They felt like they were totally ripped-off...even though it was MY money not their money :) Their reaction was that they don't ever want to go to TBell again!

Personally it would seem to have made more sense, if it's a money issue with TBell (and everything would be) that they should have just raised the price slightly on the 2-taco meal rather than reduce the price a bit and remove HALF of the meal!

The kids specifically asked me to blog about this so that other hapless families would not be caught unawares! :)


Anonymous said...

omg, had the same thing happen to me! My sons get this kids meal on a regular basis, with the soft tacos. They sat down and went to eat and looked so disappointed. Thinking they forgot the 2nd one in each bag i went to the counter and felt like such an idiot when the lady there told me it changed as well, as if i should have known!!! I also think they should have just raised the price a little. Yeah my kids looking forward to this same meal when we go to taco bell also felt robbed! what the heck taco bell, way to lose customer trust!!!

CanadianGrandma said...

Taco Bell should have raised their price and kept the two tacos for the kids. Things change in our world and often, not for the better!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should go on the taco bell website and launch a complaint.


Edi said...

I did leave a comment on their website - I'm curious to see if they will respond.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me today with my granddaughter and her little friend. Lo and behold, got home and there was only one taco in each bag for each girl. As far as I'm concerned, they can leave out the cinnamon twists and put back the other taco. I called Taco Bell and complained. They said they'll send a coupon.'ll be for a kids' meal!!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad I'm not crazy...I guess I haven't been to a Taco Bell in a while because I just gave the manager a hard time about my "missing" tacos in late January. I still didn't figure it out until I visited another store today.

Anonymous said...

How stupid can the marketing department be not to mention the Micro Management Team. This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. You may as well take the kids meal off the menu all together. Your so called toys are useless and now you cut the meal by a 1/3 and only a 1/3 of the price of the taco if that. Someone should be fired for this nonsense.