Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Root Canal Fun Continues...

Today was my second endodontic appointment...the filling of the canals.

The appointment took about 1 hour and again no pain except for the extreme pain of keeping my jaw open wide for so long. I have a small mouth (contrary to my elementary teachers' thinking) and I think I have TMJ (my jaw is constantly popping) and so it is very hard to force open my jaw for such a long time.

The doctor thought my tooth looked great "endodontically speaking"...he's still not sure that my crown fits properly so he'll make a note of that for my regular dentist that is supposed to permanently attach the crown in a week or so, if my tooth is feeling back to normal by then.

The doctor didn't think I should have any pain tonight b/c nothing was done that would cause irritation. Hmmm then why did my mouth need to be numbed up?

I'm hoping and praying that this truly is the last endodontic appointment and treatment necessary for this tooth...

I certainly have learned one thing - actually two things from this whole ordeal... 1. Do not have a root canal until the pain is close to unbearable 2. Have the work done by an expert. There is a reason there are dentists that specialize in root canals and in the long run it may save you thousands of dollars.

And tomorrow I go and see the orthopedic surgeon for my ankle. I was on an anti-inflammatory for about 2 weeks and I noticed that my ankle was less swollen at the end of the day. I stopped taking the pills a couple of days ago to see how my ankle would look - and disappointingly - it's been more swollen. It's also seemed to hurt more (not that it ever hurts much).


CanadianGrandma said...

Hmmm...you do seem to have "pain" issues ! I hope there is daily improvement for you.

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