Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shades of Green

Yesterday I was able to be out and about due to my dh getting off work early and the aid of some wheelchairs.

When I'm at home I walk on my boot - but limit the walking. There were a couple of places I wanted to go yesterday and I didn't think I could do all the walking involved (a store and The Magic House). I called ahead and found out both places had wheelchairs available so I was off!

The kids had obtained tickets to The Magic House via the library summer reading program (free for both kids and parents - regular tickets 8.50 per person) - my husband could have just gone with them but hey when you are pretty much house-bound you'll jump at any opportunity to leave your domicile!

The kids had a great time. Mom and dad both agreed that it is not a place we can "handle" for more than 2 hours (tops!)

Tomorrow I see the doc again - I'll have another x-ray and an opportunity to ask all my questions I've been saving up...

Here are some photos for those who like seeing multi-colored feet...and yes my feet are clean - it's just the bruising that colors it :)


CanadianGrandma said...

KEEP YOUR BOOT ON!!! It looks pretty bad!

Fernweher said...

those bruises look intense but the human body has amazing powers of regrowth! It looks like you are taking good care of it and best wishes for the healing to continue :)