Monday, July 20, 2009


Lately the kids have become interested in marbles.

The girl and I went to a few stores looking for marbles and they did not have any - well except Walmart had some but they were not the "real"'s like the bag had maybe 20 marbles and they all looked the same (maybe one or two were different sizes) and they didn't look like traditional ones... they had names like Redbirds or Bluebirds or Bengal Tigers. Anywhoo - she was going to buy a couple of bags but for maybe 40 marbles it would be close to $6 so as we were walking to the counter to pay, she changed her mind.

Well that was about a week ago - and yesterday at a garage sale I found a bag of marbles - traditional ones - with mixed sizes for only a buck.

Does anyone remember the proper names for all the different sizes/designs?

This is what I remember...

Biggest ones -crocks
smallest ones - pinkies or peewees
silver metal ones - ballbarians (when I told my kids that, the boy said "you mean ball bearings?" and I said, "No. Ballbarians. Then I got to thinking - surely they were called ball bearings b/c that is what they are!)
common ones (most of them are these) - cat's eyes
creamy/swirly ones ????

Then as I was reading up on marbles I came across agates and allies but I don't know which are which.

Seeing the kids with the marbles makes me wish I still had all my old ones...I can see how they would be fun to collect. I think we used to play marbles even out in the snow.


CanadianGrandma said...

I loved playing and collecting marbles when I was young! It was so exciting to get a "new" one! The dark grey ones were called "smokies".

Anonymous said...

"Frosties" were cool marbles!