Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Canada Trip - Day 2

Since the mama was awake and couldn't fall back asleep - we all got an early start Saturday morning.

The motel served a continental breakfast and so we were looking forward to some waffles...until we realized that we got our motels mixed up and this was not the motel that served waffles :(

We had a long stretch of driving and it seemed to go slowly - but changing drivers, and listening to The Wizard of Oz on CD made the boredom bearable. A little nap helped too.

We had no problem at the border - though it's still always a little scary to anticipate it...just don't know if they'll decide to deny us entry or make us take everything out of the car and search it.

I knew the stretch of driving from the border to my hometown was relatively easy (and slow - the speed limit is dreadfully slow even though you are in the middle of nowhere) so I offered to drive. Well wouldn't you know the rain started soon thereafter. I don't like to drive during the best of conditions...and it seemed like it rained almost the whole way. When we were about 15 min from my parents' house we witnessed a car accident - first "on scene" accident I have ever witnessed.

The rain started letting up once we pulled into the driveway - we were thankful to have made it safely and for our long journey to be over.


CanadianGrandma said...

Of course it ALWAYS rains when you have to drive any distance...it happens to me all the time!

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