Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bribery Or Incentive??

I'm not above "bribing" my kids to do something they are afraid to do. Or maybe it's just an added incentive to go the "extra mile" and keep at something until they can do it.

Today the boy "made" $3.

I think his swim lessons this month have been a rip-off b/c he is in a class with kids of various skill (or lack thereof)...this is about his 3rd or 4th yr of lessons and they still have him sitting on the steps in the water kicking his feet...or they hold onto a kick board and he holds onto a kickboard and kicks.

He's been able to do all that for a long time. Before he began his lessons this month he could propel himself through the water for quite a distance - on his back or on his front (head above water) - but the technique was not proper. I was hoping the lessons would help him perfect his form etc.

Wasn't happening. I don't think they even had the kids putting their entire heads under the water and there are only 3 lessons left.

So during the open swim time today I took matters into my own hands. If the boy would swim under water without coming up for air - a short distance - without holding his nose with one hand - he would get $1.


This method was used and successful last yr in just getting him to put his whole head under water.

The money I used to pay for his swim lessons would be better used it seems, as an incentive for accomplishing new swim techniques.

Sometimes kids are too scared to try something new and need that extra "boost"...once they have done it a couple of times with the incentive - they realize that it's not so scary and they can do it without any prodding.


CanadianGrandma said...

There is nothing wrong with an incentive to encourage one's child to learn something good,esp, in swimming.

rowena___. said...

oh i totally believe in incentives! after all, that's why adults go to work.

Fernweher said...

hahaha i am remembering this for when I have kids

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