Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday

I haven't done a Works for Me Wednesday in a long time it seems - but last night I was thinking of this's for a cheap, easy, washable summer couch protector...AKA a bedsheet.

To me, my couch is still newish (less than 2 yrs old) and is lighter colored than I would like with two dirty-footed kids running around in the summer.

And it's not just the bare feet - it's the sunscreen and bug spray that is all over them (and me!)...not to mention sweatfulness, sand and grass.

I don't want the hassle and cost of nice slipcovers - b/c with the aforementioned problems I figure they'd be in the washer more often than not...or waiting to be ironed (do you iron them??)...or trying to figure out how to put them back on.

Enter the queen-sized white cotton flat sheet.

I remembered how when we were young kids out at the lake - my grandma would have a sheet covering her couch. Maybe she did that all the time or maybe she just did it when she had dirty-footed-sunscreened slathered granddaughters running around the place.

It doesn't look nice - but then again a dirty couch doesn't either. I usually remove the sheet when company is coming over and just have to trust they won't come prancing in with mud splattered bare feet or an overabundance of freshly applied sunscreen.

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The Book Lady Online said...

What a great idea and so simple, too. Thanks for sharing!

CanadianGrandma said...

Grandma covered her sofas to make them look nice for a longer period of was taken off when company came over. I did this too, but sometimes I used a blanket esp. when I had a day care in my home.