Thursday, June 25, 2009


We are leaving Friday afternoon for our trip to visit my family in Canada.

When the kids were real small we'd drive straight through the night to take advantage of their sleep schedule. Can't do that anymore - we'd fall asleep at the wheel.

We'll make it as far as Missouri Valley, Iowa on Friday (approx. 7.5 hrs from home).

Saturday we'll have about 10 more hours of driving before we arrive at my parents' place.

Saturday through Thursday we'll be visiting with family and visiting some old haunts.

Early Friday morning (July 3rd) we'll drive to Minneapolis. Not too sure what all we'll do there but we plan to see The Mall of America and Ikea for the first time, visit John Piper's church and watch fireworks by the river.

Not a whole lot of books at the library dealing with the Dakotas and Minneapolis - hmmm I wonder why?


Jennifer said...

Hope you enjoy Bethlehem Baptist. I visited once many years ago while in town on business and was in awe of the missions work that church does.