Monday, May 4, 2009

Auction Fever - What I Got & What I Bought

On Saturday I went with a bunch of ladies from church to a local auction.

I've not attended many auctions in my about 10 years ago and probably a couple when I was a kid.

I'd been watching the forecast throughout the week and it looked like it was going to be cool and rainy - I thought the auction might even get canceled due to the weather. Saturday morning I still thought it might rain - but as I was leaving my husband (who has been to a number of auctions) said "don't forget the sunscreen".

I'm pretty diligent about sunscreen but hadn't thought about it that morning. I threw it in my purse and thought I'd put some on if it seemed like it was getting hot and sunny out.

About an hour into the auction I decided to put on some sunscreen - but I obviously didn't do a very good job.

My first sunburn of the season. My scalp also felt sunburned. Thankfully I was wearing a jacket part of the time so that protected my arms. I always feel so foolish when I get a sunburn - and doubly so this time being that I had put some sunscreen on and still got burned.

I had a lot of fun at the auction and I definitely can see myself getting into the whole auction thing. I think I'll have to limit myself to once or twice a year :)

This was the first auction where I actually bid on things is what I bought:

Large crock bowl - just the right size for making bread ($7.50).

A stack of old linens ($9 - probably overpaid).

Including this one where the embroiderer didn't quite known how to spell towel - oops! I'm not quite sure the reason for embroidering "towel" (or "towl") on a towel since I would think it's obvious what it is.

Throughout the years I'd done quite a bit of embroidery - I kind of go through spurts where I won't do any for years and then I'll embroider for hours and hours. Most of the linen towels I bought are not embroidered - so I have a stack for creative purposes should I get the itch.

A stack of about 20 vintage Little Golden Books (less than $1 per book). I've always had a love for old it was fun to get this stack of books.

A sweet little baby dress (with matching slip) - no idea what I'll do with it ($2 and it came with a bunch of other stuff like 2 knit baby sweaters, 2 old bonnets, a bunch of hand towels). It looks colored and spotted in the picture - but that's just the lighting.

Southern Hospitality is hosting a "Thrifty Treasures" linky party - so head on over to see what others found this weekend.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

HI, Edi, nice to meet you & thanks for stopping by my party. I love your auction finds, esp. that white crock bowl. And the linens are so pretty too. Hope you'll come by again.

Our Crew said...

There are some stores on etsy that sell vintage baby clothing at some pretty high prices.

Jennifer said...

I love auctions! I used to go to one that was held in the evening and it sold all sorts of odd things, but never anything as cool as antique linens or baby dresses. I wish we had one like that here.

That dress is gorgeous! And I wonder, is Tawl maybe a name???

CanadianGrandma said...

Oh, I love the items you acquired! You struck gold so far as I am concerned!

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