Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lily of the Valley

Last yr we transplanted some Lily of the Valley plants from the farm to our backyard. This is the first year they have bloomed and as a rabbit or some other critter appears to be nibbling the plants - I wanted to bring in a little cutting before they get consumed.

Lily of the Valley - even though it has very tiny flowers - it has a strong perfume. It's one of my favorite flowers.

"He's the Lily of the Valley,
The bright and morning Star,
He's the fairest of ten thousand to my soul."


Davy Barr said...

Get more plants. They make being in the outdoors so much more enjoyable. - Davy Barr

CanadianGrandma said...

Love your pic of the Lily of the Valley! I agree that it has a lovely scent...mine are just peeking through the soil and I can't wait to bring some inside to decorate my kitchen table!