Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Dental Installment

The other night I had been asleep about an hour when I heard my girl's voice "Mom I lost another molar!" She had lost one the week before and now lost the molar next to it. Don't ask me why she decided to wiggle her tooth when she awoke in the night...might have something to do with being eager to see the Tooth Fairy again...

Speaking of teeth - today I had another visit to my friendly dentist. He did a little more of this and that - causing me some "discomfort" (to use a dental euphemism). He feels confident that I ought to see a healing trend now...hmmm heard that before. But at least this time he did say that he was going to talk it over with a specialist today and show him the xrays... I'm not feeling too optimistic.


Anonymous said...

I feel for you - when I had my root canal over a year ago, it took probably two months before "all was well" :)