Monday, March 9, 2009

Still Alice - Book Review

I think it was while I was searching for some books on lobotomies, that I came across this touching story - "Still Alice" by Lisa Genova.

Actually it has nothing to do with lobotomies.

It's about Alzheimer's - and to be specific - early on-set Alzheimer's. This book is fiction - though it took me awhile before I even realized that. If I'm really enjoying a book I hate finding out that it's fiction...

Alice is a nearly 50 yr old psychology professor. She has a very busy life...teaching and traveling.

When Alice begins to realize that her memory isn't as keen as it once was, she originally thinks it's due to her lifestyle and just getting older. Then one day when she is out running on a familiar route - for a few minutes she cannot remember how to get home.

Alice eventually goes to see a doctor and Alzheimer's is the diagnosis. This is the story of her progression through Alzheimer's, written from her own perspective.

There were many times I was crying or close to crying while reading about Alice. That doesn't happen to me very often when I'm reading fiction (unless they are children's fiction books by someone like Barbara Cooney).


CanadianGrandma said...

Children's fictions are okay, but I agree with you about adult fictions. I only read true accounts of people-to me it is a waste of time reading fiction!

Anonymous said...

I agree with mom about non-fiction books - though it must have been based on a true story of how alzheimer's affects a person.